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Who are we?
Lakeasha & BonnyLynn
20 & 21
Korean & Filippina
Eye Color
Brown & Brown
University of Hawaii & New Mexico State University
Started out 5+ years ago, and still going strong. Just think, it all started with a simple question on a bus ride back home. The best quote that can describe us is: A best friend is like a four leaf clover...You’re lucky when you find a real one.
What makes us Unique?
You will not find a great pair of chicks like us. Combined we can do anything, and those that think otherwise, just step up.. *jk* We are the life of a party, just ask anyone that knows us. Though we have our differences, it's those differences that makes our friendship what it is. Lakeasha is the Wisdom and I'm the Slacker.

MeeH * FriEnDsHiP * LoVin' U * SaYin's *
SmiLe * ExpReSSiOn * SiGn iN * CreEp iN