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26October2001 - It is almost time to be dressing up in your costumes and scaring the LiL Ones! I know all you college students are looking forward to this day, cuz I know how all of you like to dress up and everything. For those of you that feel that they are NEVER too old to go trick-or-treating...think again!*hehe*
Well anyways, nothing much has been going on here in Las Cruces. I have finally come to the decision that I'm going to be taking Spring sememster off. So much has happened within the past few months that I feel that I should be around my family. It's not like anyone here is going to miss me or anything, but friends are upset that I'm leaving. What can I say...I can't take it anymore!
Wishing you the best and horror this hoilday season. Take care and I will update you soon. Oh by the way, I have new pictures up Smile(look under Smile II)
1September2001 - I'm back in school now, and for the past few days things have been really stressing. Classes are going just fine, and as for my job, well just say that its just starting. Coming back to school has really changed everything. I don't feel like being here, but I do want to get my degree and then get out of this place. The further I'm from Las Cruces, the better off I will be. There are so many things (memories) that I don't want to deal with right now. I'm hurt, not physically but emotionally. I would rather be hurt physcially, cuz then I know that my wounds would heal. Now I don't think that is even possible. I thought coming back here would bring me closer to "clyde", all it's done was make thing complicated between us. I can't even talk to him cuz he is nowhere to be found. and when I do see him, he's not sober...I saw so many things happening when I came back to school, and those plans have been shot down. Maybe it's for the best, maybe its not. What I do know is this, there isn't anyone that will rain down on my parade.
I'm headed home now for the weekend, maybe seeing my son and family would make everything better. I just want to wake up in the morning and have someone tell me that the nightmare is over. I've never felt as bad as I feel right now.
23July2001 - Last nite I couldn't sleep. I kept thinking about the people back home and whether things would still be the same. I know this for sure, being a way has shown me who my true friends are. I was able o see the whole picture of where I stand with each and everyone of them. I've come to terms that I must watch what I say and o whom I say i to. I've come to find that people are just there to cause contraversy. They can't keep secrets...they can't be trusted...always wanting to know someone's business. If there was one thing that I've learned from "Clyde," that is always watch your step...Never get caught with your hand in the cookie jar. There are always people watching you and keeping track of what you do. There really is no such thing as a friend, just ACQUAINTANCES!
Remembering my "Clyde"
It's been three months since I've seen his face.
I know every inch of that face, from his burning eyes to his soft lips.
Everytime I see him my heart just races.

A warm feeling you get that starts in your stomach
And eventually runs through your body, everytime you feel his touch.
The smile that burns a hole to my soul.
A voice reaching out toward me searching for answers.

The times shared together are priceless.
The memories endless.
Though we are far apart for awhile, 
In the end destiny and fate will bring us through.
And back into eachothers arms.

1July2001 - Wut a lazy day it was for me. I woke up at 12...and did a few things. Watched alittle TV then along came the monster (my nephew). I played with him for does he sure love his pool. I've also been working on this homepage for awhile now. There are some new things that were added over the past few days. New pictures (Smile)... alittle update on my Meeh page. I've also deleted and changed some background things. Hopefully this time, I will be able to keep up with everything. Oh yeah, I also have pictures that I have to pick up tomorrow. The bad thing is, I'm not quite sure wut is on that film anyways. Well I guess I will just have to be surprised.
29June2001 - Hey everyone! I have finally updated my homepage...well alittle bit of it. Summer has been going great so far. Nothing too exciting, but hey I'm relaxed. I have been hanging out w/ a few people. I just met this new guy, Craig, he's a great guy. We played pool and well lets just leave it at that. He says that I didn't do bad, but I have my own opinion on that. I did go back to LC to visit a few friends and to finish up on a few things. Still today, not everything is okay. But wut do you expect from this guy anyways. All I know is that most of my friends don't really approve of him, but we have this connection (long story).