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Sorry it's a SECRET; but you can call me Munchkin or any other name that might have reference to the fact that I'm SHORT. I've heard them all.
5’1...and loving it!
Well…I’ll keep you wondering on that
½ Filippina and ½ White
eYe CoLoR:
If I have Asian blood wouldn’t you think Brown!
On a hot blazing day, in the Philippine Island, I was a twinkle in my mother’s eyes…Aquarius February 12.
Old enough to be doing the things I do. But if you must know. . . Twenty-one! Yes, I'm finally legal. Not that I remember my 21st birthday anyways, all I know is that I had a BLAST!
Las Curces, NM (during the school year) and Albuquerque, NM (during the winter and summer breaks)...but Japan will always be my home!
AbOuT My pErSoNaLiTy:
I’m easy going. Soft spoken, but when it comes to opinions that really concern me, well I speak my mind. At times I am rude/mean, but only to ones that really know me, cuz then they don’t take my un-necessary jokes personally. Since I love to talk, conversations with me are pretty interesting…hehe. I’m easy to get along with and not afraid to meet new and interesting people. Caring when it comes to those people that have really touched my heart. I stick by those friends that are willing to stick by me. Over the past few years, I have been known not to care wut others think of me. Why bother worrying about others opinions on me, when MY opinion of myself is really the only one that matters.
Two older siblings. One brother who is in his 25 or 26 and one sister who is 23. I also have a brother-in-law who is 26. and my little nephew (the monster) that is a year old.
wHeRe u cAn FiNd mE:
Well seeing as how I really haven't been on the computer that much, I guess you will have a hard time finding me. Mostly I'm at College Club talking with friends or checking email. If you can't find me there, or even through email, you may catch me on AIM (bgMunchkin). If all things fail, I may not be on the computer but outside kickin’ it with friends. You know doing the 21 year old thing...whatever that may be right?!
CoLLeGe:MY Schedule
NMSU in Las Cruces. You know close to the border, where every Thursday is College Nite! And to be honest I had my fun times down in Juarez, Mexico. College life is great for those that really know how to spend it…like myself. I do have regrets for partying too much, but I wouldn't change it for the world.
FaVoRiTe CoLoR:
Blue, Hunter green
FaVoRiTe FLoWeR:
I love to talk for long periods of time. Like any other teenager my age I like to hang out with friends. Make jokes that only the privilege ones can understand. You’re looking at it. Reading, writing letters to family, friends, I enjoy going to the movies but being a college student…my income is quite low. Listening to music, really doesn't matter wut kind, just as long as it has a beat.
<My LoVe LiFe:
I'm too busy for guys...LOL! Well it's not that, just at the moment, I'm enjoying the single life. Being in college has really opened my eyes to new experiences. Right now I'm just waiting for that right guy to come along. I have found several that have potential, but as for now, we are just friends. I enjoy kickin' it with 'em. Thanks guys!
wHaT i WaNNa bE wHeN i GroW uP:
When I grow up, which is far from now seeing as how I still at times act like that little girl, is I want to peruse something in the business world. I am currently interested in Marketing/Advertising. My friends say that I will be good at this job, cuz I tend to persuade them to do things they don’t really want to do. It’s not my fault that I like to experiment jes a little. Besides, I know deep down inside they don’t want me changing. I would also like to travel around the world...though I know I will need buku bucks for that, I'm willing to wait awhile. All I know is that I need to get to the ocean before I go insane!
wHaT I LoOk Fa iN a GuY:
He has to have a great personality. He is willing to have a two way conversation. Willing to stick by me thru the thick and thin. Always willing to cheer me up in my sad times. Not afraid to express his feelings, and thoughts. Knows how to treat a woman. Has respect for himself as well as those around him. And of course he has to have a great sense of humor.
tHiNgs dAt rEaLLy BuG mEeH:
brown nosers, people who think that they are all that…and truly believe it. People that always ask the same questions over and over again. People who don’t care for others (feelings, emotions). Backstabbers - the ones that you thought were your friends and end up hurting you (I will not mention any names, of course this person knows who I’m talking about). I don’t like those are not honest with themselves, cuz if you’re not honest with yourself, then you’re not honest to anyone! Also those that are quickly brought into a fight that doesn't even concern them.
FaVoRiTe MuSiC:
I listen to EVERYTHING. Just tell me what it is...and I'm down w/ it. Very easy to please.
FaVoRiTe MoViEs:
I really don’t have a favorite movie. I enjoy many of movies…can’t really say which one is my favorite. I really enjoy the 80's, cuz I'm an 80's kind of kid!
FaVoRiTe cArToOn cHaRaCtErS:
Donald Duck, Snoopy (will always be my all time favorite).
FaVoRiTe aNiMaL:
Dogs…Baby! I totally miss my dog…he died in his sleep =’( As soon as I graduate from college or get my own place, I am gonna get myself a dog of my own.
FaVoRiTe QuOtEs:
"Believe in Yourself and you will eventually reach a star!"
"If you ain’t true to yourself…you ain’t true to noone!"
"Great things happen to those who wait!"
FaVoRiTe tHiNgS tA dO:
kicking it with friends. Making un-necessary jokes (keasha you know which ones), going outside and playing sports, b-ball, volleyball, soccer. Talking on the phone…really don’t matter who it is, jes as long as we get to talk. being by myself. partying with everyone I can.

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