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Spiritual Love

I feel as though we met before,
Seeking to know you more and more
I open my heart and soul to you,
As if it is something I always do.
You teach me things I long to know,
I can feel your spirit embrace my soul.
I donít know you, and you donít know me,
Yet weíre drawn together so willfully.
Is there something hidden in the past,
That makes this love of ours grows so fast
Two different worlds from which we come,
Yet sharing our heart as if we are one.
My life has changed since we first talked,
A love that I could never forget.
Across the miles a distance away,
Iím thinking of you throughout the day.
Then nightfall darkens the sky,
My spirit will begin to fly.
Sending you a tender kiss,
To tell you know how much youíre missed.
I love you, my friend, for who you are,
As if you really arenít so far.
I hope our love will always be, 
Just enough for you and me.
And as the path of life unfolds,
Your spirit warms away the cold.
You are so thoughtful in all you do,
Itís no wonder that Iím falling for you.
Your loving way, they touch me too,
Being with you Iíd never be blue
So, my friend, this poemís for you,
For I will forever be thinking of you.