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Love has MANY meanings

Love hurts
Love has no limits
Love is a feeling you canít explain
Love is a universal language
Love is a flame that burns from within
Love is when that personís life is more important than yours 
Love is only a word until you find someone that gives it meaning
Love is like a burning candle, --it starts out strong and eventually fades
One loves to be loved 
Love is an animal waiting to be released
To love with no trust is no love at all 
Donít speak of love if it has no meaning
Love is an emotional rollercoaster
Two hearts in love beat as one
Love happens
Love I like the tides, it canít be stopped 
If you wait for love to come, it may never find you
Love because you feel it, not because you have to
If love is in the mind, why does your heartache?
Only love can heal a broken heart
Being in love is when you see their face everywhere you go 
Donít give away love, it has to be earned
Love without pain was never love
True love is unconditional
To be in love is to feel lost
When you love, you open yourself up for pain
When love is not true, youíre miserable
Love leaves you vulnerable
Love at first sight is sighting for love
Youíll always remember your first love
Love is the strongest force there is
Love is a force that pulls two people together
Love has a mind of its own
Love takes time
Love has no reasons
Love has no meaning when itís not shared with others
True love never dies
All the money in the world has no value if love doesnít exist
The key that unlocks true love is in your heart
Love is in the eyes of the beholder
Love yourself before you love others
Take a chance, fall in love