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Heart & Soul

Where does this come from
This feeling inside?
I know I shouldn't tell you
But this I can't hide

Why is this so different
This feeling I hold?
Is this the real thing
Of Love I've been told?

So can it be fate
That ahs wondered along?
And you must be why 
I've waited so long.

Be it so soft
Where we lay
Please let us grow
And tell me you'll stay

I fear these butterflies
I have had since the start
Are aimed solely at
Straight from my heart

You blow me away 
With the words that you say
I remember giving up
For those brief moments of this day

There comes a time 
When some of us know
That the one meant for us
just ain't gonna show

But like a breathe of fresh air
Giving me life...pure and whole
I have never been so loved,
From your Heart to my Soul