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Just a few saying that I've heard every now and then. Now if only there was someone who really believes them. I have seen it all when it comes to these quotes, and I'm lucky to have exprienced them. The quotes that are BOLD, are the ones that really have meaning to me.

          1.  Love is only chatter.
	          Friends are all that matter.
              To My true ones…
	          See you in the Future!

          2.   Love begins with a kiss…
	          And ends in tears.

          3.   Give your smile to all…
            	  But your heart to only one.

          4.   If you ain’t true to yourself,
	          You ain’t true to nobody.

          5.   You can do anything in life
  	          Just don’t get caught.

          6.   True friends are like falling stars,
	          Rare but precious when found.

          7.   A friend is someone who knows,
	          the song to your heart.
               And can sing it back to you,
	          when you’re lonely.

          8.   Talent is not about how your measure up with others;
        	  It is all about how you use it.

          9.   The essence of love is clear
	          It’s people’s actions that cloud them.

          10.  Don’t follow where the path leads;
	          Instead make your own and leave a trail.

          11.  Even if you’re on the right track,
	          You’ll still get run-over if you just sit there.

          12.  Our fate is written in the stars.

          13.  Success entails a great sense of humor and a free spirit.

          14.  Today’s impossible dream is tomorrow’s reachable star.

          15.  Live like no other…dare to be yourself.

          16.  A best friend is like a four leaf clover…
	          You’re lucky when you find a real one.

          17.  You find the best things in live when you are not looking.

          18.  True love is like a ghost,
	          which everyone talks about,
               But few have seen.

          19.  The most valuable thing in the world is a friend.

          20.  Love is when the person’s life is more important then yours.

          21.  Friends come and go;
	          But a friendship is forever

          22. Love is a word until you find someone who gives it meaning.

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