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~Photo Album II~
This is my graduation photo. I know its dark and all...but hey it shows y'all that I did graduate in '98
Unfortunatly I don't remember all their names. But here's a try (R-L) ??, Shy, Keasha, and Hazel. Just the 4 girls kicking it together.
This is a recent picture of me. It was taken in one of my classes...for homework. I know its not much...but who cares!
It's the all-time TWOSOME!! Me & My Best Friend of 5+ years, just taking a moment to smile for the camera. This was our little day together on a hot school day away from all the distractions. Don't ask what is in the bottles! *hehe*
This is my LiL Monster. The one that knows he can get away with just about EVERYTHING! But you got to LOVE him! I sure do!
Can you guess wut we were doing?! It was just a celebration before we both headed out to party...along with getting a FREE dinner. Kasei and Me having a girls nite out!